Howard was founded as a small private undergraduate college in 1867 and was transformed into a large private university soon after.

Our Board of Trustees mandated a graduation requirement that three departments within the College of Arts and Sciences: English, Mathematics, and Health, Human Performance, & Leisure Studies offer courses that each student must fulfill prior to graduation.  

The Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies continues to offer Health and Physical Activity Skills and Movement courses for all students attending the university under the College of Arts and Sciences.

As early as 1911, The Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies (HHPLS), formerly known as The Department of Physical Education and Recreation, has provided physical training/activity and health education through varied health and physical activity courses reaching an average of 1650+ students each semester and 150+ students in the summer. HHPLS continues to meet the demand and interest of each student enrolled in their selected courses.   

Physical activity specific for students with special needs are also addressed through either a specific course, Restrictive Activities and/or careful monitoring of their participation in the safest course approved by their physician.