Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies

Health, Human Performance & Leisure Studies

Exceptional Health Studies grounded in Truth and Service

Interim Department Chair:

Deborah Johnson

Burr Gymnasium
Room 1011
600 Girard Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20059

(202) 806-7142

Building Healthy Minds and Bodies

Emerging health issues, the connection of a healthy mind and body, the important roles of teaching and coaching in education, the philosophy of a lifetime of healthy activities, the increasing complexity of the business of sports, and the Aristotelean concept about the necessity of a relationship between thinking and movement are all the focus of learning and research in our department.

As a result, a wide range of opportunities are available for students. It is in this context that our department offers four programs of rigorous and challenging study.

Dr. Edwin B. Henderson

The Father of Black Basketball

Howard Alum, Dr. Edwin B. Henderson, petitioned Howard University in 1909 to adopt his YMCA basketball team, the 12th Streeters. Howard University agreed and the 12th Streeters became its 1st varsity basketball team. Going on to win the championship in the Colored World Basketball League. 

“Edwin B. Henderson set the tone and created the infrastructure for African American participation in athletics, by creating leagues and associations for black athletes and referees when no such thing previously existed.”
— Edwin B. Henderson II (grandson), 2008