Health Education

Majoring in Health Education will expand our scholars' career field options.

With two areas of concentration, Community Health and Maternal & Child Health, scholars may find employment in community based agencies, public health departments, non-profit organizations or hospitals. Many agencies and organizations require the completion and maintenance of the Certified Health Education Specialist credential.

Maternal & Child Health (MCH) focuses on the complex public health problems affecting women, children and their families.  MCH professionals provide information and access to sexual reproductive health services and methods of family planning, promote the health of pregnant women and their children and increase vaccination rates.

Some courses within this major include:

  • Health Problems of Child & Youth (HHPL-157)
  • Health of Women, Child & Families (HHPL-165) 
  • Addictive Behavior (HHPL-755) 
  • Human Growth & Development (HHPL-140)
  • Diverse Children of Color (HUDV-119)

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Health Education Course Requirements